Next Persian Cooking Class will be June 29th

by Chef Nabavi on May 30, 2013

Chef Nabavi in his outdoor kitchenMark your calendars the next Persian Cooking Class will be June 29th! Come eat with us as we talk and taste Persian food in my home kitchen! As a way to give back to the community I offer this class for a donation of $100 per person to the Maui Food Bank. Checks made out to the Maui Food Bank are accepted at the time of the class.



Kuku Sabzi
Herb soufflé with Barberries and Walnut

Salad- E- Shirazi
Cucumber, Tomatoes, Red onion, Parsley, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Citrus Juice

Adas Polo
Basmati Rice, Lentil, Raisins, Date, Orange Zest

Roune’ Gousfand
Braised Leg of Lamb in Saffron

Sholeh Zard
Rice Pudding with Saffron, Almond, Rosewater and Cinnamon

Persian Tea
Pistachio Nougat. Noon kishmishi. Hand cut Sugar


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