Chef Paris NabaviAloha! My name is Paris Nabavi and welcome to my blog written from my island home of Maui, Hawaii.  I am a Chef, Restaurateur, Entrepreneur but most importantly I am a Father and Husband.

As I delve into the world of social media, this blog site will document my new community-focused initiatives for 2011.  I invite you to learn more about your community, your schools, your family and my goal through www.chefnabavi.com is to inspire the question:  “What are we eating and what am I feeding my children”?

Realizing that each one of us have the kuleana (Hawaiian meaning for responsibility and privilege) to educate and nourish our children as well as ourselves is an urgent need.   Revolutionizing the way our families eat at home and at school is a lofty goal but one we can attain; of that I am sure.

For now, I am starting an edible garden in my own backyard with my daughter Layla and I invite you to learn and grow with us!

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